FNT: Macphile punctures reality distortion field

— 5:50 PM on May 9, 2003

I find this amazing, both because it's finally happened, and (come to think of it) because it hasn't happened sooner. An Apple/Mac fan site has seen things cleary and spoken plainly about some of the Mac's faults. (Thanks to TR reader Steve for sending the link.) I suppose I knew this sort of thing could happen, but it is a unique experience, something on the order of a religious conversion. Among the revelations:

Apple’s desktop machines are ridiculously slower than PC’s and much more expensive. In these days of cost-conscious CEO’s, companies at turning to more and more Dells for employee desktop machines rather than waste precious resources on weird looking Macs that run a horribly slow OS.
Have they finally seen things as they are? Will the Apple faithful begin to wake up, or is this just an odd anomaly, a minor breach in the RDF?


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