Barton-core Athlon MP reviewed

— 5:29 AM on June 5, 2003

GamePC has kicked out a good review of AMD's Barton-core Athlon MP 2800+ processors. Despite the fact that the Athlon MP 2800+ runs at the same 2.13GHz as the Thoroughbred-core Athlon MP 2600+, Barton's extra cache should yield better performance particularly in SMP applications. Of course, the Athlon MPs are still saddled with AMD's geriatric 760MPX chipset, so don't hope for any miracles.

Just because they can, the GamePC folks bench the Athlon MP 2800+ against three other pairs of Athlon MPs, five pairs of Xeons, and even a dual Opteron system. The result is a pretty comprehensive comparison of available SMP systems that's definitely worth a read for dually enthusiasts.

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