Friday night topic: Local specialties

— 6:29 PM on June 20, 2003

Calvin Trillin's writing has popularized the concept, but it probably classifies as a basic human cultural truth: the best foods are often local specialties, too difficult to export or too obscure to find elsewhere. I've experienced it in many forms—my native Kansas City's spectacular barbecue, indescribably sweet fresh fruits in the tropics, rich Ugandan coffee, English tea, hot Belgian waffles, surprising Spanish calamari cooked in a sauce made from its own ink. After leaving the place, the best you can hope for is a not-too-old import of the right ingredients or perhaps a poor facsimile to remind you of the original.

Tonight's question is two-fold. First, what is your local specialty, and what makes it good? Second, what are the best local specialties you've experienced?


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