No Doom 3 until 2004?

— 4:48 AM on July 23, 2003

It looks like Doom 3 may not make it out before 2004. As far as gaming goes, a Doom 3 delay might not actually be too much of a bad thing. At the very least, the delay should allow id to release a polished final product with what's hopefully a satisfying and long single-player experience. Valve's much-anticipated Half-Life 2, which has been promised for September, should keep gamers busy until Doom 3 hits.

What may be the most interesting side effect of a potential Doom 3 delay, which I suppose can't really be called a delay since id never pins down release dates, is its potential impact on hardware sales and PC upgrades. Because Doom 3 promises to have much higher system requirements than even today's latest titles, many gamers and enthusiasts are holding off on upgrades and new hardware purchases until Doom 3 is released.

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