Processor market share figures released

— 4:03 AM on August 4, 2003

The latest processor market share numbers are in and show Intel still dominating. Though AMD's second quarter market share was up by 0.1% over last year, its market share actually dropped nearly a percentage point from the first quarter of the year. In the second quarter of this year, Intel held 82.5% of the processor market while AMD captured only 15.7%.

As the Athlon 64's release date creeps closer, it's becoming increasingly clear just how important the chip is for AMD. Still, I wonder how quickly the chip can have a major impact on AMD's bottom line or market share under even the best conditions. Honestly, I can't see consumers flocking to the Athlon 64 until Microsoft releases a 64-bit version of Windows XP. Even then, I suspect many enthusiasts will hold back on adopting the platform until more 64-bit software becomes available and AMD outlines a clear upgrade path for the various Athlon 64 flavors.

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