Lindows releases cheap LCD-equipped PC

— 1:00 PM on August 8, 2003

Though not as cheap as Microtel's $199 mini-tower, Lindows has announced a $449 "KooBox" PC aimed at mainstream users. A 1.2GHz Duron, 256MB of memory, speakers, and a 14" XGA LCD monitor are all a part of the Lindows-powered KooBox package, which is billed as the world's most affordable computer.

Um, wouldn't adding a cheap monitor to the $199 Microtel system yield the world's most affordable computer? At the very least such a system would be cheaper than the $449 KooBox.

So the KooBox might not be the cheapest PC, especially when you consider white box systems offered by local computer shops, but it may well be the first low-end system to include an LCD monitor. The included display is only a 14" screen that probably has a high enough pixel response time to infuriate gamers, but for the KooBox's intended market, Solitaire and Freecell are probably as hardcore as the gaming gets.

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