Microsoft's vision for Outlook expressed

— 3:30 PM on August 15, 2003

ZDNet lets us know that the world's most-installed mail client, Outlook Express, is no longer being developed by Microsoft. Dan Leach, the lead product manager of Microsoft's "information worker product management" groups says that no work is being done on Outlook Express, and that future Microsoft efforts in consumer email will focus on services like Hotmail and MSN. In the future, those looking to Microsoft for email in application form will need to purchase an Office license and use Outlook.

Update: User comments drove a hunt to find another article, with information credited to Mr. Leach, stating that Microsoft changed its mind, but that decision was not passed along to him. Like an announcement made by Microsoft about Internet Explorer earlier this year, Outlook Express isn't going away, the company will simply cease producing standalone versions of the software, and will bundle the software with the OS instead.

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