Pentium M gets mini ITX platform

— 2:47 AM on September 5, 2003

Intel's new mobile Pentium M processor has gained almost a cult following of enthusiasts looking to use the chip in desktop or small form factor systems. A micro ATX Pentium M board was revealed earlier in the week, and now it looks like Banias will get a shot at the mini ITX platform, too. Lippert, a German embedded PC company, will produce a mini ITX Pentium M board using Intel's 855 chipset. The "Thunderbird" features Gigabit and 100/10 Ethernet ports, support for dual independent displays, and even a WiFi interface.

Without an AGP slot, the board probably won't be too attractive for gamers looking for a tiny LAN system. However, the Thunderbird's wealth of networking options and dual display support do make it an intriguing option for pint-sized business systems and even entry-level servers.

Without composite, component, or S-Video outputs, the board isn't ready for Home Theater PC applications right out of the box. However, the Thunderbird's PCI slot could be combined with an All-in-Wonder VE PCI to create a potent little HTPC.

Thanks to The Inquirer for the tip.

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