XGI reveals Volari graphics chip lineup

— 1:52 PM on September 15, 2003

XGI, SiS's former Xabre graphics division, has formally revealed its Volari line of DirectX 9-compatible 3D graphics chips. Several desktop and mobile versions of the Volari will be available, including a high-end Volari Duo that integrates two GPUs onto a single card. SiS's Xabre graphics chips were never stunning performers, but the dual-GPU Volari Duo is intriguing. The thought of two eight-pipe GPUs working in unison is enough to make my heart flutter, even if the chips do come from Xabre heritage.

It will be interesting to see whether any of XGI's new graphics chips can compete with comparable products from ATI and NVIDIA. With NVIDIA's GeForce FX line struggling, especially in DirectX 9 applications, there's certainly plenty of room for another player.

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