— 12:30 AM on March 17, 2000

Whoa. It's a slow news day out there, folks. What do you do on a slow news day? You could download the right software and take a nap. Or you could visit the homepage of "the world's only ass-kicking machine". And you thought your PC kicked ass.

By the way, Josh is traveling for the next few days, and he took the Shortbread with him. Don't worry; fresh 'bread will return soon.

I've probably said before that it seems like everybody and his brother has a hardware site, but I didn't believe it in a literal sense until today, when CPU burn set up shop—brought to you by the brother of one of the guys at Fast-MHz.

Now it's official. We have more competition than McDonald's. I'll just have to take over competing sites to get ahead.

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