Mark Cuban plans digital film revolution

— 2:25 AM on November 28, 2003

Wired has a short interview with Mark Cuban about the billionaire's new vision for film production and distribution. Along with a partner, Cuban owns the largest chain of art-house theatres in the US and a couple of production companies for small and mid-budget film projects. Cuban's theatres will also showcase the work of independent film makers:

Digital makes filmmaking cheaper and more accessible, so we see ourselves as a conduit for new, independent voices who'd otherwise never have a shot. You could shoot your film on digital, dump it on a hard drive, edit it on a laptop, send us that file, and 20 minutes later we could show it in a theater or upload it to a satellite.
Cuban has some good ideas, including making DVDs available the day a movie is first released, and he definitely has the money to throw at this new vision of digital film production and distribution.
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