HP to adopt Opteron

— 3:29 AM on January 27, 2004

According to this article over at ZDNet, HP will announce Opteron-powered ProLiant servers sometime in February. The servers may not be commercially available right away, but the announcement alone should be a big boost for AMD's 64-bit server platform, especially considering HP's role in Itanium's development.

Of course, the ZDNet article is quick to point out that Intel's Itanium isn't really a direct competitor for AMD's Opteron:

Still, Reynolds pointed out that Itanium and Opteron don't directly compete. Itanium is designed to compete with servers containing four or more processors from Sun. These systems typically cost $10,000 to more than $1 million and are used for the most complex computing tasks.
I bet you could build a mean Opteron cluster for between $10,000 and $1 million. Thanks to TR regular Thresher for the tip.
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