Philips rolls out new display technology

— 3:53 AM on January 27, 2004

Sorry, I couldn't resist. EE Times has an interesting article on a new display technology developed by Philips' Polymer Vision unit that will enable flexible, ultra-thin displays for portable devices and other applications.

PARIS — Promising ultra-thin displays so skinny and flexible they could be rolled up inside a pen or a mobile phone, Polymer Vision, a new technology incubator established by Philips Research, unveiled Monday (Jan. 26) what it claims is the thinnest, most flexible, active-matrix display so far.

The new organics-based quarter VGA (320 x 240 pixels) active- matrix display measures 5 inches on a diagonal, features a resolution of 85 dpi and a bending radius of 2 cm

Polymer Vision currently has facilities to manufacture 5,000 displays per year, but expects to be able to produce millions of screens per year by 2005.
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