— 10:10 PM on March 27, 2000


Near-field technology increases optical storage capacity 2.5 to 3 times

Pioneer ships 16X DVD-ROM drive

Intel tweaks notebook pricing

AOpen AK72 KX133 MB review

PCI sound card roundup

ABIT announces VT6X4 133A MB

Philips DSS330 USB speakers review

LCD monitor shoot-out

Soltek SL-77KV MB review

A-Top AT900 case review

Creative begins shipping NOMAD II

AOpen 952E 52X CD-ROM review


ICQ 2000a Alpha v4.25 build #3120

Powerstrip v2.65.02

Windows Media Player 7 technology preview


Beta Win2K drivers for vortex cards

Alpha nVIDIA v5.02 driver for Win2K/Neptune

HP CD-Writer Plus 9100i series firmware update

Intel i810 Win2K driver

AMD releases linux and W2K ethernet drivers

Beta Voodoo3 3500TV Win2K driver v1.00.00 BETA2

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