Dual Coppermine badness from the Nerd

— 12:25 AM on March 28, 2000

The BX chipset lives! The folks at ComputerNerd are introducing a new product based on BX chipset motherboards, and I'm actually salivating over the thing. Check out the Nerd's article aboue his devious new creations right here—complete with benchmarks vs. a dual Celeron rig and an Athlon. (Plus a reference to my SMP Smackdown article, of course. :)

Taking his cue from Dr. Tom's recent articles showing the BX chipset whupping up on the newer stuff, these new dual 800MHz Coppermine boxes rely on front-side bus overclocking. Looks to me like they could be darn near the fastest PC config possible right now, too. You guys interested in seeing a review of one of these things?

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