Centrino's core exposed

— 12:32 AM on February 25, 2004

A new Hannibal article is up! A new Hannibal article is up! Jon Stokes at Ars Technica strikes again with an in-depth CPU analysis. This time, the subject is Intel's Pentium M processor, better known as the brains behind Centrino. Intel's recent struggles with Prescott power consumption and the like may lead to a more prominent role for the Pentium M in desktops, servers, and the like, so this processor is a hot topic at present. The question is: what exactly is a Pentium M? Jon answers the question by looking at how the Pentium M is similar to its P6 predecessors and how it borrows ideas from the Netburst core. Get a refill on yer coffee and go read up.

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