McDonalds considers online music service tie-in

— 2:45 AM on March 23, 2004

According to this story over at C|Net, Sony is working on a deal with McDonalds that would have the fast food chain dispense music downloads with menu items.

According to the newspaper, McDonald's is expected to commit about $30 million in advertising to the partnership in exchange for unspecified discounts to license some songs from Sony's new download service, Sony Connect.

Those songs would then be offered to McDonald's patrons for free with the purchase of certain menu items, with customers receiving codes they can use online for the downloads.

I guess a music download is more Atkins-friendly than Supersizing, but I have to wonder how much extra business McDonalds really expects to generate with this Sony promotion. Redemptions for Pepsi's iTunes Music Store promotion are already lower than expected, which doesn't bode well for music download tie-ins.
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