NV40 demoed on next Unreal engine?

— 11:25 PM on March 28, 2004

Last week at the Game Developer's Conference, Epic conducted demos of its next-generation Unreal engine running on what was apparently an NVIDIA NV40 card, according this report. The demo, they say, was very impressive and quite intensive:

The backgrounds and outdoor areas looked very natural and realistic. However, the biggest surprise was the character models themselves. The engine was running characters with 6 million polygons. Yes, you read that right, 6 million polygons. The characters were extremely detailed, lit, the works.
That's a fair number of polys.

Update: GameSpot has a story, too, and it puts things a little differently than that other report. For instance:

We saw goblinlike creatures rendered in amazing detail, one of which was a gigantic, heavyset humanoid creature with long teeth that was composed of some 6 million polygons, then reduced to a version consisting of a comparatively meager 6,500 polygons that looked almost as good, thanks to the normal-mapped textures.
So there's your six million polys. Also, apparently next-gen ATI hardware was floating around, as well:
Epic ran the demonstration on a system with a 2GHz CPU from AMD using next-generation hardware from Nvidia (a system in another room ran the demonstration using next-generation ATI hardware). Even with that powerful silicon, the demonstration struggled at times.
Oh, and it's Unreal Engine 3.0, not "the Unreal 3 engine." I believe GameSpot is correct on all counts where the reports differ.
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