DOOM 3 gets shader-based materials

— 10:43 AM on May 1, 2004

You'll find a quickie exchange between Beyond3D and John Carmack right here. Carmack has made some changes to the DOOM 3 engine's abilities, adding more shader eye candy:

I did decide rather late in the development to go ahead and implement a nice, flexible vertex / fragment programs / Cg interface with our material system. This is strictly for the ARB2 path, but you can conditionally enable stages with fallbacks for older hardware. I made a couple demo examples, and the artists have gone and put them all over the place...
Heh. I figured something like this might happen. DOOM 3 is too late to arrive without a little extra goodness. The Carmack also discusses why the standard ARB2 rendering path is now used on NV3x graphics chips, and how this change may affect performance.
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