Intel cans Tejas in favor of Pentium M designs?

— 2:57 AM on May 7, 2004

The Inquirer has a series of reports suggesting that Intel has cancelled a number of next-generation processor projects, including Tejas. Tejas would have succeeded Prescott, but if the rumors are true, Intel has abandoned the project in favor of a new direction based on the company's Pentium M core.

The speculation on the semiconductor street is that Intel is frantically attempting to take the Pentium M to the next shrink and move it as rapidly as possible into the pole position.

And the legendary skunk works in Oregon, the same sources suggest, have already designed a 64-bit wide P6/Pentium M core, perhaps dropping the legacy stuff and including 32-bit compatability.

Intel hasn't confirmed the rumors, but given the company's much-publicized struggle to reign in Prescott's power consumption, a shift in focus seems plausible.
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