— 9:51 AM on May 7, 2004

Spent part of the day yesterday playing with my camera, trying to learn better how to use it without relying on the automatic, point-and-shoot mode. Of course, most of my photograpy work (such as it is) revolves around product shots and chip close-ups for my articles at TR, which present certain kinds of challenges. I do believe I've licked the problems I was having with the narrow band of focus on my Canon G3 by using a smaller aperture size. This change, combined with a numer of other tricks, has produced good results for me. For instance, have a look at this NV40 close-up. (Warning: massive file size there.) Much better than what I could have done in auto mode.

I think we'll make this week's Friday Night Topic about photography. You might want to start uploading some of your best shots to a photo server now, if you'd like to participate. Also, please suggest photo hosting sites for n00bs in the comments, if you will.

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