Yields at IBM improving, but not there yet

— 1:57 AM on May 14, 2004

Although yields at IBM's new East Fishkill fab haven't quite met targets, the company claims to have turned a corner and begun rapidly improving defect densities. Higher chip yields should be good news for Apple and NVIDIA; both companies are having next-gen chips fabricated at IBM's East Fishkill facility.

Apple in particular is in dire need of new chip volume from IBM. Big Blue has thus far been unable to supply Apple with a sufficient quantity of 0.09-micron G5 processors, which are used in Apple's Xserve G5 servers, to meet demand. Insufficient die-shrunk G5 quantities may also be delaying any updates to Apple's Power Mac G5 line, and the G5's move into mobile and possibly even iMac systems.

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