— 9:03 AM on May 17, 2004

Wow. Long weekend of testing here in Damage Labs. I also did a little admin work on the TR servers. At one point, I realized I was using six dual-processor systems at once, four in the room with me and two remote. And my main PC isn't a dually. (Yet!) I have been wondering if the move to dual-core chips at the possible expense of linear performance increases would be a serious problem. The more I look at how we do things already, the less I worry.

The Inq has a nice report on Abit's "frag Fatality" contest at E3. Best quotation: "Yeah, about 7 hours in, and the highest ranking player had 0 frags, and the cumulative score of all players against him was -8 points." Apparently, he got fragged once in day two. For shame!

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