GeForce 6800's HDTV issues clarified

— 8:00 PM on June 5, 2004

TR reader Jim James, who emailed us from his luxurious home known as Fort Awesome, directed us toward information suggesting that the GeForce 6800 is indeed capable of HDTV display. We learn in this thread that the 6800, as well as the FX series, requires the external component video encoder mentioned by bit-tech, but they are still capable of high-def output using DVI. The resourceful nV News forum member ronjon228 happily games on his HDTV using a 5900 Ultra and EnTech's PowerStrip set to an appropriate custom resolution, and a slightly fresher thread points to a newer Leadtek driver that is reported to have custom resolutions and HDTV support built-in. Although the 6800's HD feature appears not to be officially working, it seems well within reach.

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