Radeon X700LE enters the fray

— 4:02 AM on December 27, 2004

As if the graphics card world weren't confusing enough already, Radeon X700LE graphics cards are appearing on Akiba. Cards are available from Asus and Gigabyte, apparently clocked at 400MHz core and 700MHz memory. Those clock speeds would put the Radeon X700LE between the Radeon X700, which runs at 400MHz core and 600MHz memory, and the Radeon X700 Pro, which is clocked at 420MHz core and 864MHz memory.

The Radeon X700LE appears to be the latest addition to the mind-numbing array of graphics card iterations currently on the market. If there are enough Ultras, GTs, GTOs, Pros, XTs, XLs, LEs, SEs, and Golden Sample Editions to make a journalist's head spin, the average consumer is probably in for a rough time making sure they get the right card.

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