XFX partners with NetCell for SyncRAID

— 3:02 AM on February 14, 2005

It looks like XFX is getting into the RAID business. The company has unveiled a full line PCI Serial ATA RAID cards that use NetCell's SyncRAID technology. In addition to supporting RAID 0 and 1, SyncRAID also supports RAID XL, which NetCell claims combines RAID 0 performance with RAID 5 redundancy using as few as three drives.

SyncRAID is a new family of ATA and Serial-ATA storage accelerator PCI adapter cards from NetCell Corporation. SyncRAID cards feature a revolutionary new 64-bit RAID engine, offering for the first time a mainstream RAID solution with the simultaneous benefits of both RAID 0-class performance and RAID 5-class data protection.
If RAID XL sounds familiar, that may be because NetCell announced the technology more than a year ago.

In addition to RAID XL, SyncRAID can also emulate a standard IDE device, apparently eliminating the need for Windows drivers. NetCell also lists eVGA as a board partner, but as of yet, eVGA's web site doesn't list any RAID products.

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