Next-gen DVD format agreement unlikely?

— 2:34 AM on May 27, 2005

Despite initial reports to the contrary, it seems the two sides in the next-gen DVD format war are far from an agreement.

Sony, however, seemed to hold out hope while at the same time stipulating that any agreement must be in its format's favor. The inability to compromise is the key reason why the two sides cannot seem to work out their differences.
Toshiba President Tadashi Okamura says he realizes that the industry doesn't want a format war, but with Sony only willing to support a derivative of its own standard, it's hard to see the two sides coming together. In any case, Toshiba may be first to market with its HD-DVD format. The company expects to have HD-DVD players available in time for the holiday season, but Sony won't debut Blu-ray devices until 2006.
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