— 11:03 AM on June 24, 2005

You know those image quality problems I found in ShaderMark on the Radeon X850 XT PE? The very afternoon after that review was posted, the folks behind ShaderMark contacted me with news of a update with a fix for the problem with the combination shader on ATI cards. Talk about quick fixes! So apparently it was an application problem, not an ATI driver issue.

I hope you guys found time to look over the ShaderMark discussion and the bits about the chip architecture in the review, as well as the game benches. We've learned a lot about the internal workings of the NV40 and derivatives since its launch, and I tried to present a lot of that info. Interesting stuff.

I will try to test the new rev of ShaderMark on all of the cards and see how the new build changes the results. This build was compiled with a newer version of the Intel compiler and Microsoft's latest DirectX SDK, so performance may change, as well. However, before I can get back to graphics, there's a new CPU that I need to test . . .

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