Over 200 million Wi-Fi products shipped worldwide

— 3:12 AM on July 5, 2005

Over 200 million Wi-Fi products have apparently been sold worldwide according to a press release issued by Broadcom. The company is tooting its own horn, of course, claiming to be responsible for over 50 million of the Wi-Fi chips on the market.

200 million is certainly a staggering number, especially considering that Wi-Fi doesn't appear to have made much of a dent in the desktop market. With the exception of Intel's ill-fated ICH6RW south bridge, core logic manufacturers have shied away from integrating Wi-Fi into desktop chipsets. Motherboard manufacturers don't appear to be too keen on integrating third party Wi-Fi chips, either, although they seem to be enamored with dual Gigabit Ethernet. Given Wi-Fi's apparent popularity, one has to wonder if a Gigabit/802.11g motherboard combo would be more appealing than dual GigE.

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