More Cyrix tradition, or a half-baked review?

— 12:37 AM on June 16, 2000

Here's the web's first review of the Cyrix III processor. Thing is, this thing is a Cyrix in name only, since Via bought the processor operations of both Cyrix and IDT/Centaur, then announced a Winchip-based chip called the "Cyrix III". Confused yet? All you need to know is that Cyrix chips have always been better space warmers than they have processors—especially where floating-point math is concerned.

This latest chip runs cooler but still manages to be very, very slow, in part because the silly thing doesn't have an L2 cache. However, JC thinks it's too early for the world to be seeing tests that truly represent the performance of VIA's new baby. This thing runs like Rosie O'Donnell on muscle relaxers, so let's hope final versions are better.

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