Poll time: System memory

— 12:10 PM on October 26, 2005

We've whipped up a new poll for your voting pleasure, but before we get into that, let's briefly recap the results of our last poll on Windows XP x64 Edition. Despite the 64-bit capabilities of AMD and Intel's latest processors, only 10% of voters are actually running Windows XP x64 Edition. 37% of voters are waiting for more 64-bit applications before they take the plunge, and another 14% are holding off for other reasons. Interesting, only 32% of voters lack x64-compatible hardware, with 6% not running Windows at all.

Our latest poll tackles system memory, specifically:

How much memory would you put into a new system for yourself?
Would you scrape by with 512MB or less, go over the top with 4GB or more, or end up somewhere in between? Let us know.
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Top contributors
1. BIF - $340 2. Ryu Connor - $250 3. mbutrovich - $250
4. YetAnotherGeek2 - $200 5. End User - $150 6. Captain Ned - $100
7. Anonymous Gerbil - $100 8. Bill Door - $100 9. ericfulmer - $100
10. dkanter - $100
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