CheapForce2 MX begging for more

— 1:50 AM on June 30, 2000

NVIDIA's new GeForce2 MX is a teensy little chip with low power consumption and no need of a heatsink. It's also going to be very cheap, with boards selling for around $119 or so. However, if you slap a heatsink/fan combo on one, you've got a recipe for overclocking success. Believe it or not, the guys at Riva3D have already given it a shot, taking a CheapForce2 MX from its stock 175MHz speed clear up to 220MHz. Even better, they upped the RAM clock from 166 to 210MHz. Benchmarking ensued, and the results are pretty darned impressive. It's time to chuck the Savage4 and move up, kids.

(Credit the OCP for the link.)

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