Intel offers reseller rebates on dual-core chips

— 2:29 AM on February 10, 2006

Intel is apparently offering resellers instant rebates on select dual-core processors until April 22nd. The rebates affect Pentium D 820, 830, and 840 chips and amount to $40, $60, and $80, respectively. At least some of those savings should be passed along to consumers, making chips like the Pentium D 820 even more affordable. However, the rebates don't apply to Intel's latest 65-nano 900-series chips.

Discounting Pentium D processors would be a good way to move inventory to make way for newer 900-series chips, which should be more profitable to produce. Obviously, the 65-nano process shrink allows Intel to squeeze more cores onto each wafer. Presler's two-chip design should also be more forgiving of manufacturing defects than single-chip dual-core implementations, since Intel can pair physical cores from anywhere on a wafer.

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