Big, beige, and box-like

— 1:02 AM on July 11, 2000

It seems even the average consumer will pick performance and price over style when offered the choice. Compaq and Dell both quietly buried 2 of their "sleek and stylish" computer designs in the last week. Dell was first at bat, pulling its ill-fated WebPC off of its main site, and relegating the current stock to their factory outlet site—normally responsible for off-loading refurbished PCs. Compaq followed shortly, pulling the plug on their Presario 3500 line. According to this CNET article, the 3500 will still be sold in Japan, but sales have ceased in other countries. The two companies originally started selling these new 'stylish' designs about a year ago, in response to the success of everyone's favorite fruit-flavored computer—the iMac. You can read the CNET article here.

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