AMD's Henri Richard interviewed, part two

— 10:27 AM on March 14, 2006

DigiTimes has posted the second part of its interview with AMD's Henri Richard. This time, Richard talks about AMD's Computex plans, Itanium, and the future of HyperTransport versus Intel's Common System Interconnect (CSI). Richard confirms that Socket AM2 will be introduced at Computex and doesn't rule out the possibility that the K8L—AMD's upcoming revised K8 core—will also be shown there. Richard says that "whatever improvements K8L will provide, they will be applicable to some of the sockets we will be introducing," hinting that K8L won't force yet another socket change. Finally, Richard claims that Intel's CSI was "aimed at trying to reconcile Itanium and x86 into a single architecture", which according to him is a "doomed project."

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