AMD's Henri Richard further interviewed

— 9:32 AM on March 16, 2006

DigiTimes has the second-to-last piece of its five-part interview with AMD's Executive Vice-President and Chief Officer for Marketing and Sales, Henri Richard. Today, DigiTimes quizzes Richard on the Opteron and competing architectures, as well as the future of x86. While Richard says competing architectures are good, he also claims they must adhere to "specific customer needs." On x86, Richard argues that incentives to break the mainstream market away from the ISA are "fast disappearing," since the overhead implied by x86 on modern architectures is becoming "extremely small." According to Richard, x86 should continue to scale until "at least the end of the decade," and perhaps even afterwards.

Richard also discusses Fab 36—which he says is "all green, going well, [and] on schedule"—as well as Intel's process technology advantage. On that topic, Richard claims Intel "cannot ramp to mature yields as quickly as [AMD] can," despite its ability to bring new process technologies to market quicker. Richard closes by saying that, were both companies' ability to reach mature yields analyzed, AMD would be a "much closer competitor than Intel would like to imagine."

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