ATI R600 series to split 80nm, 65nm parts?

— 10:15 AM on March 31, 2006

Beyond3D has the scoop on ATI's plans regarding process technology for its upcoming graphics chips. In a conference call about the company's financial results, ATI CEO Dave Orton mentioned that an 80nm process would be used for a number of different solutions, including a cost-reducing one—possibly giving some credence to the R580+ rumors that have been circulating this week. Orton also said ATI would use an 80nm process for high-end cards, and that the upcoming R600 line would be split between 80nm and 65nm parts. This hints at a strategy similar to the one ATI employed for R300- and R400-series GPUs, where new 130nm and 110nm process technology was tried on the low-end parts, with the high-end ones instead relying on proven 150nm and 130nm processes, respectively.

ATI attempted to introduce its first high-end R520 GPUs with a brand new 90nm process last year, and that combination led to delays. NVIDIA also struggled in 2003 with its NV30, a new GPU architecture the company attempted to fabricate with an also-new 130nm process.

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