Asus to receive large Intel iBook order

— 10:15 AM on April 12, 2006

The Taiwan Economic News reports that Asus is about to receive an order for 1.2 million Intel-powered iBook successors from Apple. The publication also echoes previous rumors that the notebooks will feature 13.3" LCD screens, saying Apple will purchase $153.84 million's worth of 13.3" panels from manufacturers including AU, Chi Mei, and LG Philips. Interestingly, Apple is quoted as saying the 13.3" notebooks will replace existing G4-powered 12" and 14" iBooks, perhaps hinting that the company has no plans for a $999 notebook. The machines, said to be called MacBook by other sources, are expected "some time in the second quarter." Previous rumors have also claimed they would ship with "at least" 1.67GHz Core Duo chips, along with integrated iSight cameras, Front Row support, and MagSafe power connectors. Thanks to The Inquirer for the link.

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