HD-DVD to win format war this year?

— 11:51 AM on April 21, 2006

According to market research firm ABI Research, HD-DVD will have the lion's share of the high-definition media market this year with 70% of sales, leaving Blu-ray with less than a third of the market. ABI Research supports this by pointing to the availability and pricing gap between the two formats. Indeed, the first Blu-ray player is expected to hit stores on June 25 for around $1,000, while Toshiba shipped the first HD-DVD players on Wednesday for $499. Blu-ray may make a comeback following the release of Sony's PlayStation 3, which Sony Europe says will be cheaper than dedicated Blu-ray players. That being said, Microsoft is rumored to be cooking up an Xbox 360 HD-DVD player for E3 in May, so Sony could have a hard time turning the tide back once the PlayStation 3 comes out in November.

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