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Memory subsystem performance
Since we're dealing with a faster front-side bus, we'll start things off by looking at memory performance. The Core 2 Duo must traverse its FSB in order to reach main memory, and that bus is theoretically a clear bandwidth constraint. At 1066MHz, the Core 2 Duo's bus offers 8.5GB/s of peak throughput, while the two channels of DDR2 memory available on most motherboards top out at 12.8GB/s of aggregate bandwidth. The E6750's 1333MHz bus raises the ante to 10.6GB/s—not quite enough to match the memory subsystem, but a substantial improvement nonetheless. Here's how the E6750 handles our synthetic memory bandwidth and latency benchmarks.

The Athlon 64 remains the leader in these tests by virtue of its integrated memory controller, which does away with the front-side bus altogether. The E6750, though, easily outclasses any of the 1066MHz-bus Core 2 processors in memory bandwidth, with no additional cost in latency.