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iPEAK multitasking
We've developed a series of disk-intensive multitasking tests to highlight the impact of seek times and command queuing on hard drive performance. You can get the low-down on these iPEAK-based tests here. The mean service time of each drive is reported in milliseconds, with lower values representing better performance.

While the Caviar Green 2TB is largely quicker than its GreenPower kin in our iPEAK multitasking tests, it can't catch the 1.5TB Barracuda. If you average the mean service time across all nine workloads, the 2TB Green scores 1.61 milliseconds while the 'cuda works out to 1.21. Of course, the 333GB/platter Caviar Green 1TB scores a 1.99, so the new model's denser platters certainly help to improve performance here.