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The XFX Triple Display Monitor Stand is certainly not for everybody. The $379 asking price alone will put it beyond the justifiable reach of many. For a little perspective, you can pick up three new, 21.5", 1920x1080 Acer monitors for about the same price as the stand by itself. Whether that is an indictment of the cost of the stand or of monitor quality, I'll leave for you to decide. For the record, though, I've been quite happy with these monitors.

In my view, this stand has two major things going for it. The first and most obvious attribute is its looks. Let's face it, looks matter, and this stand is a showstopper. The massive, menacing base, and seemingly hovering side monitors look both professional and elite. Honestly, next to this setup, my Mickey-Mouse, cantilever arm operation of yesterday looks embarrassing. The XFX stand is a piece of gear of which one can truly be proud.

The second outstanding attribute is the quality. This stand is weighty, solid, adjustable, and built to last. The quality of materials used and the construction of its parts is impressive. At no point was I ever worried about the safety of the monitors attached to the rig or the desk on which the stand was sitting. XFX thoughtfully applied plenty of rubber to protect the surface of the desk and to keep things from sliding around.

Going forward, I would personally love to see XFX offer an expansion option that enables a two-tiered Eyefinity 6 configuration with this stand. The top of the center pipe is hollow, which might enable such a contraption—or might allow some motivated DIY type to continue building upward. We understand no such plans are in motion at XFX because the target market is simply too small. You can't blame me for dreaming, though.

At the end of the day, the multi-monitor Eyefinity gaming market just got a little bit more interesting. XFX has created a striking companion product for its Eyefinity capable graphics cards that is sure to raise a few eyebrows. Can you mount three displays for less money? Absolutely, but you'll be hard pressed to reproduce the "wow" factor created by this particular solution.

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