Samsung turned our SSD Endurance Experiment into something incredible

As long as I know how to write, I know I'll stay alive
— 10:00 AM on December 16, 2015

TR's SSD Endurance Experiment started with a simple premise: how long can today's SSDs last under a grueling load of continuous writes? We put six drives under the gun to find out. Over a year and a half (and multiple petabytes of writes) later, we had our answer. It turns out that modern SSDs are remarkably resilient. Our own Geoff Gasior concluded the experiment with a grand, storage-themed take on Gloria Gaynor's immortal I Will Survive.

We weren't seeking to crown a winner as part of our experiment, but Samsung's 840 Pro 256GB drive was the one that took us all the way to that 2.4PB-written milestone. Samsung just so happens to be one of the largest makers of SSDs around, and the company got in touch with us recently to tell us they were just as amused by our riff on I Will Survive as (we hope) many other readers were.

Here's where things took a bit of a crazy turn. Samsung revealed that not only did they love our take on the song, they'd devoted substantial resources to turning it into part of a video campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of SSDs.

Anders Graham, a member of Samsung's SSD product marketing team, actually performed the song in an amazing video that recalls the Hasselhoffian excess of the '80s. He also starred in a talk-show-style segment where he talks about his performance and gives a shout-out to TR. The best part? We get to share the world premiere of both of these videos with you. Check out Anders' incredible performance of I Will Survive:

And here's Anders' late-night segment where he talks about the benefits of SSDs and the results of our Endurance Experiment:

We're still laughing over these, and we hope you will be, too.

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