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What's next
Before we wrap up this edition of our mobile staff picks, let's take a look at what's to come in the worlds of mobile hardware and software. 

Intel's Skylake mobile CPUs have more or less taken over the mobile CPU market outside of the cheapest laptops around. The third generation of CPUs built on the company's 14-nm process, Kaby Lake, is supposed to begin arriving later this year. We don't expect revolutionary performance increases from this generation of products, so Skylake-powered systems are still a safe bet for the moment.

New mobile graphics chips from AMD and Nvidia are on their way, judging by the rumor mill and our conversations with hardware manufacturers. As we've already noted, we think anybody interested in a gaming laptop right now would be best served by waiting a month or two and seeing what the move to next-generation silicon process nodes brings for mobile GPUs.

Samsung and OnePlus have both introduced new high-end phones in the recent past, but we're nearing the end of a refresh cycle for Apple's iPhones and Google's Nexus phones. If you need a new iPhone today, the iPhone 6S family is still excellent, but keep in mind that Apple will likely introduce a refreshed hardware lineup in the next couple of months. Google's Nexus refresh tends to take place around September, as well.

Mobile operating system updates don't tend to sell phones one way or another except to those already invested in a particular ecosystem, but iOS 10 and Android 7.0 Nougat will both be hitting the airwaves soon. Neither release should herald major changes for either platform, but you can run through Apple's iOS 10 preview and Google's Android Nougat guide to see what's coming. Android users that want the quickest access to Android N should grab a Nexus device, though.

With that, we bring this edition of our mobile staff picks to a close. If you found one of our recommendations useful, please support our work by purchasing that item through our link to Newegg's product page. You should also consider becoming a TR subscriber, if you haven't already. Subscribers get exclusive perks, and your support allows us to continue producing time- and research-intensive pieces like this one. Enjoy your new laptop, phone, or tablet, and thanks for your support.

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