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Doom 3 - Delta Labs
We'll kick off our gaming benchmarks with Doom 3. Our first Doom 3 test uses a gameplay demo we recorded inside the Delta Labs complex, and it represents the sorts of graphics loads you'll find in most of the game's single-player levels. We've tested with Doom 3's High Quality mode, which turns on 8X anisotropic filtering by default.

The GeForce 6600 GTs own DOOM 3, which is no surprise. The Albatron GeForce 6600 is even ahead of our Radeon X700 Pros with antialiasing disabled, although 4X AA brings it back to reality. Note that the XFX GeForce 6600 GT's faster memory bus offers a consistent performance advantage, especially with antialiasing enabled. The Gigabyte Radeon X700 Pro's extra memory gives it an edge over the Abit Radeon X700 Pro 128MB card, too.