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Quake 4

The Chrome S27 can't keep up with the 6600 GT here, but MultiChrome does achieve a decent performance boost. Image quality in Quake 4 on the MultiChrome config is impeccable.

We tested the next few games using FRAPS and playing through a portion of the game manually. For these games, we played through five 60-second gaming sessions per config and captured average and low frame rates for each. The average frames per second number is the mean of the average frame rates from all five sessions. We also chose to report the median of the low frame rates from all five sessions, in order to rule out outliers. We found that these methods gave us reasonably consistent results.

MultiChrome again scales well in F.E.A.R, boosting both average and median low frame rates.

Battlefield 2

The S3 card simply struggles in Battlefield 2. Adding a second card helps, but not enough to allow MultiChrome to equal the performance of a single GeForce 6600 GT.

Guild Wars
Like the two above, we played this game manually and recorded frame rates with FRAPS. In this case, we're playing an online game, so frame rates were subject to some influence from an uncontrollable outside factor.

A single Chrome S27 achieves very acceptable frame rates in Guild Wars with the resolution and quality cranked up, but a second card does show some gains. Still, one GeForce 6600 GT is nearly as fast as two Chrome S27s.