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Welcome to The Tech Report. As you can probably tell by looking around, we are an online publication dedicated to PC hardware, gaming, and personal computing in all its forms. We aim to set ourselves apart from the crowd with clear, concise explanations of deep technical concepts—and with extensive empirical testing to help inform our opinions.

We're also a creation of the Internet age: a grass-roots website dedicated to our favorite hobby. Since our founding back in 1999, we've grown rapidly from a part-time obsession into a full-time vocation and then a thriving small business. Along the way, we've collected a vibrant and vocal community of readers. Their support and instant, intelligent feedback has helped us establish a reputation as a trustworthy and responsible resource.

We are independently owned and have taken no funding from outside sources. Our revenue comes from advertising and, increasingly, through direct support from our readership. Our content is free and open for anyone to access.

We take seriously the separation of the editorial and advertising portions of our business. We recognize that our readers are our most important asset, and our primary mandate is to guard their interests. We believe that if our readers trust us, success will follow. So far, that approach has served us well.

If you're new to the site and don't know where to start, the front page is always a good bet. We'd also suggest downloading several episodes of The TR Podcast, where you can hear us discussing our latest work in detail, with behind-the-scenes info you won't get anywhere else.

New readers may find some of our persistent resources helpful. Our regularly updated System Guides offer advice on selecting the parts to build your own PC, whatever your budget. For the uninitiated, our detailed guide shows exactly how to build PC. And the friendly inhabitants of our forums are generally willing to answer any technical questions you might have, whether simple or complicated.

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If you'd like to send us a news tip, please shoot us an email at report@techreport.com.

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Our staff includes:

Jeff Kampman
Jeff Kampman is The Tech Report's Editor-in-Chief. He sets the site's overall editorial direction, and he works with our contributors to ensure their news posts and feature articles meet our high standards. Jeff spent over six years in IT before joining The Tech Report, serving us first as a freelance writer and then as our Managing Editor. When he's not writing and editing, Jeff can be found roasting the coffee that fuels his work or behind the lenses of his arsenal of cameras.

E-mail: jkampman@techreport.com — Twitter: @jkampman_tr

Ronald Hanaki
Our resident Shortbread chef, Ronald provides us with regular doses of news, perspective, and wit from around the web. You can see his work on the site's front page or showcased in The Breadbox. Ronald uses his superpowers to provide us with the occasional translation of a fresh bit of news from Japan (among other things).

Adam Eiberger
If you want to advertise on TR, Adam's your man. He takes care of all of our ad sales, makes sure our clients are happy, and coordinates a number of special projects, including the giveaways that you'll see on the site from time to time. To inquire about our ad rates, site demographics, or anything of a related nature, shoot him an email.

E-mail: adam@techreport.com

Bruno Ferreira
As our resident web developer and sysadmin, Bruno keeps the lights on around here and makes sure our servers are happy. His biggest contributions, though, are the systems he's developed that make TR unique. Bruno created our distinctive and lightning-quick threaded comments system, known as Metal, which is proof that he's terribly clever. Bruno contributes news posts and reviews for us, as well.

E-mail: bferreira@techreport.com