Antivirus The Best Business Antivirus Products for Endpoint Security Compared for 2023

The possibility of a cyberattack looms greater than ever, and our personal information is more likely to be compromised as our lives become more and more digitized. Thankfully, there are some excellent corporate antivirus solutions out there that can be trusted by businesses to keep them safe.

Experts at Tech Report have put together a list of the top business antivirus software programs for 2023 to assist you in selecting the best tool for your needs. When making our decisions, we took into account a number of variables, including pricing, features, ease of use, and their recent malware detection scores.

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The Best Antivirus for Business: Top 10 Ranked

We understand that finding the best antivirus solution for your business can be a daunting task, especially when the market is full of excellent contenders, all looking to be your number one. To help, we’ve cherry-picked the best of the bunch, and you can view our top 10 business antivirus tools below:

  1. TotalAV – Overall, the best antivirus for businesses, thanks to its excellent independently reviewed safety scores and comprehensive SafeScan features
  2. Nord Threat Protection – A reliable antivirus tool for businesses that includes the best VPN on the market and strong ad and tracker-blocking features
  3. Norton Antivirus –  Popular business antivirus software that uses AI machine learning to detect and protect you from malware, viruses, and ransomware
  4. Surfshark Antivirus – A brand-new antivirus that features Icogni, which contacts data brokers and removes your personal information from their systems
  5. TrendMicro – Budget-friendly tool that covers up to 10 devices with one subscription and includes the excellent payment security feature, PayGuard
  6. ESET – One of the best antivirus tools for remote businesses thanks to its anti-theft tools, including webcam monitoring and pinpoint location tracking
  7. Avast – Useful antivirus that offers a dedicated 24/7 business phone line for any security issues that may arise
  8. Intego – The best antivirus tool for businesses that run on Mac OS, with fantastic device optimization and advanced firewall features
  9. Avira – Intuitive app that includes a useful VPN, password manager, and excellent quarantine storage for suspicious files
  10. Panda Dome – A good tool that includes many strong features for business use, like USB protection and Data Shield

Why Do I Need An Antivirus for My Business?

The importance of good business antivirus software can’t be overlooked, as it’ll save you from leaked information, harmful viruses, and much more later down the line. Below are some of the key reasons you should be incorporating an antivirus solution into your everyday business practices.

Secure Private Data

You can relax more knowing that your company’s sensitive data is better protected against breaches thanks to antivirus software. Viruses are frequently the cause of data breaches, and your computer could become infected by a virus, which could then be used to steal vital information about your company.

Data breaches can be stopped by antivirus software, as it’ll safeguard your company from malware-related data leaks.

Prevent New and Old Viruses

Antivirus software helps shield your company from both recent and historical viruses. Although there are many different kinds of antivirus software solutions, most of them use signature databases.

These databases are updated as new viruses are discovered with the addition of their signatures, which represent each particular virus’s digital trace. So long as you keep your antivirus program updated, it’ll offer protection against both new and old viruses.

Get Protected Automatically

The automatic security provided by antivirus software is another reason your company needs it. A lot of business owners lack the time or expertise necessary to manually protect against cyber threats.

However, antivirus software provides automatic security and will perform real-time file and software scanning. The antivirus program will even scan a file or application when you open it, ensuring it’s safe and okay to use.

Prevent Phishing

Phishing scams have been plaguing businesses for years and years, but they’re still incredibly hard to prevent without the right tools. All it takes is for someone to be busy working and having their guard down and then clicking on a link.

That’s all phishing requires, it may take you to a login page or ask you for some sensitive information, and if it looks like a reputable source, then people tend to oblige. Thankfully, using antivirus software can prevent all of this.

Antiviruses scan your computer, phone, and inbox for signs of malware. Many antivirus solutions also include a firewall to prevent you from visiting phishing sites or accidentally downloading malware contained in an email link.

Overcome Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most cunning types of contemporary malware since it’s so hard to spot and nearly impossible to remove. It blocks the PC entirely or freezes access to the files on the hard disk.

A full disk formatting is frequently the only option; of course, this results in the permanent loss of all data on the disk. It should come as no surprise that business owners prefer to pay large ransoms to scammers in exchange for a slim chance of having their lost data recovered.

Thankfully, having a top antivirus solution can prevent you from losing your files or coughing up money to scammers by neutralizing the threat early on.

Consumer Vs. Business Antivirus: Is There a Difference?

All too often, people assume that antivirus software is basically comparable across the board, but that isn’t the case—especially if you need to choose a package that can effectively defend your company.

It’s crucial to understand the distinction between consumer software and business solutions if you want to keep your organization secure because the finest consumer security apps and the best corporate antivirus packages are worlds apart.

For starters, a basic consumer tool is a standalone app downloaded onto a device, then you just let it run in the background, performing some basic scans and potentially warning you or removing any suspicious files – that’s basically it.

However, it’s a whole different ball game for business solutions. The majority of them use some sort of centralized system for deployment and management – this allows your IT department to install the software on all your company’s devices, and they can manage any threats or updates remotely.

A commercial antivirus program will ultimately view the PCs, laptops, and phones used by your business as endpoints of a larger network, and the software will defend the entire network regardless of which devices are connected.

The Best Enterprise Antiviruses Reviewed

Now it’s time to explore our choice for the best enterprise antivirus solutions, starting with our overall top pick TotalAV. Here, we’ll explore the security features on offer, the cost of the software, as well as the standout features, amongst other factors, to help you make an informed decision.

Alternatively, you can skip past our in-depth reviews to see our head-to-head comparison of the market’s best business antivirus tools — to easily compare pricing, compatibility, and more.

1. TotalAV – Overall, the Best Business Antivirus Solution

Total Password Logo

TotalAV is a comprehensive antivirus software package with a massive range of features aimed at protecting your business. It offers real-time defense against malware, viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other threats.

Plus, it scans data being transmitted to and from your computer, the folders you open, and the procedures your computer runs to provide that level of security. It even runs scans automatically in the background, so you don’t need to do them manually.

Another essential component of antiviruses is malware scanning, and TotalAV’s Smart Scan is a little more sophisticated than the standard scans most antivirus programs run. TotalAV examines important areas in addition to looking for malware to see if there are any potential performance issues with your computer.

Total AV Image

Latest Malware Detection Rates Price for Businesses Users per Subscription  Compatibility Top Business Features Money-back Guarantee
100% $49/year ($4.08/month) 6 Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 1. WebShield
2. VPN
3. Smart Scan
30 Days

For instance, it reveals which applications were given permission to launch automatically during startup, allowing you to determine which ones could be disabled to speed up startup times — but these features are specific to the desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS.

However, there are some useful features for mobile apps as well. For example, Android users have the option to password-protect apps, limiting access to their most private information. We also really liked the inclusion of an excellent VPN, which many of the top providers include.

That said, TotalAV’s built-in VPN solution is incredibly easy to use and relies on the OpenVPN and IKEv2 VPN protocols. With it, you get a kill switch, which basically protects your browsing should your connection fail, as well as servers in 39 countries, mainly in Europe.

Overall, it’s a great tool for businesses looking to safeguard their data and sensitive information. The inclusion of a VPN and a password manager means that TotalAV is a one-stop shop for all things cybersecurity, placing your business in safe hands.


We should mention that Total AV does offer an excellent free plan, but for business use, this isn’t the one we’d recommend. But if you’re looking for the best antivirus solution for Android, be sure to check that out.

Instead, you’ll want to opt for one of the premium plans. Each offers the same core features, but if you want the included VPN, and Password Vault Ad Blocker, we’d recommend the Total Security package.

TotalAV Pricing


  • Includes a fantastic VPN with all paid plans
  • Scores very well in independent security reviews
  • Highly user-friendly, can be used by beginners with ease
  • Offers a great free plan for very small businesses or entrepreneurs


  • Only covers up to 6 devices, so can be quite expensive for larger businesses

2. NordVPN Threat Protection – Includes the Best VPN on the Market Right Now

NordVPN - 2nd best free vpn for netflix

Nord‘s VPN is undoubtedly one of the best VPNs on the market, partly thanks to its water-tight encryption and no-nonsense approach to security. The introduction of further measures to keep you safe online is a welcome addition to an already great service.

With Nord Threat Protection, you get access to excellent antivirus and ad-blocking features, and this potent pair cooperates to protect you from malware, ads, trackers, and phishing scams via its threat protection, trackers, and ad blockers.

You also get access to real-time protection, which offers continuous monitoring of downloaded files and prompt response to suspicious activity.

Nord Threat protection


Latest malware Detection Rates Price for Businesses Users per Subscription  Compatibility Top Business Features Money-back Guarantee
Not Independently Tested $62.28/year ($5.19/month) 5 Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 1. Ad Blocker
2. Data Breach Scanner
3. VPN
30 Days

However, the lack of a standalone firewall could be a source of discouragement for some because it might force them to rely on a separate antivirus or an existing firewall solution. But don’t worry, Nord will work alongside your current firewall seamlessly and even boost overall security with its threat detection feature.

This function monitors all your online activity, including email correspondence, web browsing, and app usage — Should anything suspicious be flagged by the system, you’ll be notified instantly.

For further security, Nord features a reliable ad and tracker blocker, which can stop those annoying pop-ups from plaguing your online activities. You can even whitelist or blacklist certain websites that you run into any issues with, and Nord will count the number of suspicious ads for you to highlight their worth.

Overall, despite not really being a standalone antivirus solution, Nord Threat Protection works in tandem with the rest of the Nord ecosystem. When paired with the best password manager for business, a market-leading VPNNordVPN — and other useful tools, you can rest assured that your online safety is taken care of.


Nord offers a few different plans with some extra features on the more premium offerings. For example, you can get access to 1TB of storage and a data breach scanner on the Complete package — whereas the Standard offers less storage and no scanner.

You also get the option of paying monthly, annually, or signing up for a massive 2-year plan, which will save you some money in the long term. If you’re still not sure, we recommend reading our full NordVPN review, where we go over everything on offer in-depth, including the VPN and anti-malware capabilities and plans.

Nord Threat Protection Pricing


  • Excellent at blocking pop-up ads and disabling trackers
  • Low-cost plans, including an excellent 2-year deal
  • Allows you to whitelist or blacklist dangerous websites with ease
  • Pairs well with the rest of the Nord network, including VPN, Password Manager, and File Locker


  • Doesn’t feature its own Firewall, but it can be paired with your current system

Norton Family Logo

Norton is one of the biggest names in the antivirus market and has been helping people stay safe online for many years. As its protection is based on machine learning, it offers some of the best detection rates out there, making it a top option for business owners.

As mentioned above, Norton relies on the use of AI machine learning to help detect and prevent any viruses, malware, or trojans. This has led to the provider boasting some of the most impressive detection results you’ll find, but it’s so much more than that.

It’s perfect for businesses who want to reduce the risk of a shutdown. For example, Norton Safe Web will run in the background and analyze any websites you enter and browse them for malware or other online threats.

Norton Antivirus Singapore

Latest malware Detection Rates Price for Businesses Users per Subscription  Compatibility Top Business Features Money-back Guarantee
100% $49.99/year ($4.16/month) 5 Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 1. AI Machine Learning
2. Smart Firewall
3. SafeCam
60 Days

After some time, the software will even give websites safety ratings based on what’s found, so you can keep an eye on what is safe. Unlike Nord Threat Protection, Norton also features its own Smart Firewall that’ll monitor your web traffic to keep unwanted apps and users from accessing your devices or information.

It can even detect potential cryptojacking attempts. Also, it uses its Intrusion Prevention System to look for any potential data leaks — if a leak is found, the network traffic is stopped to prevent additional damage from happening.

Another feature that we really liked is the SafeCam, which helps you prevent your webcam from being hacked, where someone could watch your activities. This can be especially useful for remote businesses that rely on their staff to attend virtual meetings and work on laptops with webcams.


Norton is known for having various plans for all uses, but unlike many others, it offers a dedicated plan for small businesses, which can cover up to 20 devices with one subscription, and it offers 24/7 customer support.

Sure, if your enterprise has lots more employees, it can get pretty expensive — but for the coverage on offer, it’s still decent value for money.


  • Offers some of the best detection rates thanks to its AI machine-learning
  • Includes useful bonus features like SafeCam and parental control locks (which can also be used by businesses)
  • Can come bundled with an excellent password manager and VPN
  • Includes a dedicated and secure firewall


  • The interface is quite outdated and can be tricky to navigate

4. Surfshark Antivirus – A Great Antivirus Solution with Icogni Built-in

surfshark logo

Surfshark‘s antivirus may not have as many features as other top antivirus programs, such as a firewall, but it stands out because it offers comprehensive security in the form of an excellent VPN, a secure search engine, and data breach monitoring.

With the antivirus solution, there are a variety of scanning options available, too, including rapid, complete, scheduled, and drag-and-drop item scans. This allows businesses the peace of mind that all files being shared within the network are safe and malware or virus-free.

There’s also real-time protection accessible on Windows and macOS, whereas before, this was only available on Android — so it’s good to see Surfshark broadening its coverage with this feature.

Surfshark Antivirus UK

Latest malware Detection Rates Price for Businesses Users per Subscription  Compatibility Top Business Features Money-back Guarantee
100% $41.88/year ($3.49/month) 5 Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 1. Incogni
2. Surfshark Alert
3. VPN
30 Days

As Surfshark is relatively new to the antivirus market, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more features, like a firewall, introduced in the near future. Back to the present, what Surfshark does offer is an excellent VPN.

This is included in the One bundle, alongside a built-in search engine that can keep your private data secured, ensuring none of your data is being collected. We were also really pleased to see the introduction of Surfshark Alert, or what other providers refer to as a Data Breach Monitor.

These can be especially useful for businesses, and Surfshark’s offering will scan the web to see if a data breach has occurred — you can even customize how often you want to receive these reports, either whenever a data breach has occurred or only when your accounts have been affected.

Perhaps the standout feature, though, is Incogni, a feature exclusive to Surfshark. It’s a clever tool that works by contacting data brokers that store information on you or your business, like emails and phone numbers, and asking for it to be deleted from their databases.


Like Nord Threat Protection, Surfshark gives you the option to sign up for a 2-year plan and save some money in the process — a good move if you’re looking for some stability with your cyber security.

All plans include Surfshark’s excellent VPN, but you’ll have to opt for One or One+ if you want increased storage, real-time data breach alerts, and webcam monitoring. If you’re unsure, read our full Surfshark Review for an in-depth look at everything on offer.

Surfshark Antivirus Pricing


  • Offers the Incogni service for removing personal data from data brokers
  • One of the most pleasant user interfaces, easy to use for beginners
  • Gives you access to one of the best VPNs on the market
  • Features a private search engine so none of your data is tracked


  • No firewall is included
  • Scans can take much longer than they do with other providers

5. Trend Micro – Budget-friendly Antivirus for Business

Trend Micro Logo

Trend Micro is a popular antivirus that offers a variety of anti-malware applications for various operating systems, and two of its products support Chrome OS, which is a pretty uncommon feature for antivirus software.

Sadly, the VPN on offer is only included in the top tier level, but you’ll get access to some useful ransomware protection and dark web monitoring. Alongside these features, you’ll also get some nifty unique offerings, like Pay Guard.

This creates a safe online environment for your business to make transactions. On top of this, unlike many other providers who use their own robust browsers, Trend Micro uses your default browser but turns on the most secure settings.

Trendmicro online security

Latest malware Detection Rates Price for Businesses Users per Subscription  Compatibility Top Business Features Money-back Guarantee
97% $59.95/year ($4.99/month) 10 Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 1. Pay Guard
2. Spam Filter
3. Ransomware Detecter
30 Days

Other business features worth mentioning include the Spam Filter, but this currently only works for businesses that use Outlook. Weirdly, it’s turned off by default, but once switched on, it provides an extra layer of security and can help avoid phishing scams.

However, it’s known to sometimes incorrectly transfer a valid email to the spam folder, so do be sure to add trusted contacts. Aside from all this, you get quick malware scans that can be set to run daily, weekly, or on a specific day of your choosing.

The scans themselves are amongst some of the quickest, so you can find out if there are any issues on your network and deal with them accordingly. And lastly, Trend Micro offers excellent ransomware features that can swiftly remove any files that contain suspicious software.

For businesses, having access to good ransomware features is a must, as they’re frequently targeted far more than individuals.


Trend Micro doesn’t offer any business-tailored plans. Instead, for multiple-device coverage, you’ll have to opt for the Premium security suite, which covers up to 10 devices, be it Windows, Chromebook, or iOS.

trendmicro pricing

With this plan, you get a VPN, password manager, and features like Pay Guard bundled in, making it a wise choice for any business owner. You can even try it out for free for 30 days to ensure it’s the right tool for your enterprise needs.


  • Offers a 30-day free trial on all plans
  • Useful Pay Gaurd feature that tunes your browser to the safest settings when making payments
  • There’s a free version available


  • No firewall is included on any plans
  • Can get quite expensive if you’re a business with over 10 employees

6. ESET – The Best Choice for Enterprises with a Remote Workforce


ESET has a reputation for being one of the most secure antivirus solutions available, with many users valuing ESET’s comprehensive selection of top-notch security features.

This includes anti-theft tools for stolen devices, good performance in third-party lab testing, and a fantastic Android app. The ESET anti-theft tool is a welcome addition to an already strong, feature-rich lineup.

If you ever lose your smartphone, location tracking allows you to mark it as missing in the ESET anti-theft web interface. Then, as soon as your device connects to the internet, this useful feature will begin automatically monitoring it and showing its location on a map using the Wi-Fi networks nearby.

ESET Dashboard

Latest malware Detection Rates Price for Businesses Users per Subscription  Compatibility Top Business Features Money-back Guarantee
99.8% $270.80/year ($22.56/month) 5 Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux 1. Anti-theft
2. Webcam Monitoring
3. Phantom Account
30 Days

These features seem to work best on Android, which is why we rate ESET as one of the top antivirus solutions for Android users. You can even monitor your laptop’s webcam, should it ever be stolen, so you can physically see where it is or who took it.

For businesses that rely on remote workers, this can be especially useful to avoid personal business information from being leaked or stolen. Plus, there’s also a smart feature called Phantom Account.

This creates a blank profile with no password, so if your laptop is stolen, the thieves will be met with a blank account with no access to any personal files or data. Beyond this, we also love that ESET has business-specific plans that can cover from 5 right up to 100 devices.

This tends to be far more cost-effective than purchasing multiple licenses and distributing them across your business, and finally, you’ll get the usual lineup of features aimed at improving security, including malware scans, ransomware protection, and heightened banking measures, similar to Micro Trends Pay Guard.

However, unlike Pay Guard, you’ll automatically be redirected to a secure browser whenever you need to enter card details for extra security.


ESET has a vast range of plans that can be used for both business and individual use, but having a tailored enterprise solution is a big win and can save you some cash. The available plans are listed below:

  • Protect Entry — $211/year for 5 devicesIncludes security management, endpoint protection, as well as file server security
  • Protect Advanced — $220/year for 5 devices — Boasts everything from Protect Entry along with full disk encryption and cloud sandbox
  • Protect Complete — $270.80/year for 5 devices Has all features from Protect Advanced and mail security and cloud app protection
  • Protect Elite — Contact sales (minimum of 26 users) — Includes everything from all plans, as well as multi-factor authentication, detection, and response


  • Offers plans tailored to businesses that offer 24/7 support and can save you money
  • Excellent device theft features like location and webcam monitoring
  • Includes a home-network security scanner, ideal for remote workers


  • No apps for iOS could be a deal-breaker for businesses that use only Apple devices
  • The software can be tricky to understand and navigate, not ideal for beginners

7. Avast – Useful Antivirus with Excellent Customer Support

Avast Logo

Avast is easily one of the most well-known brands in the entire antivirus sector, and its all-around superb security against internet threats is what makes it so appealing.

Along with scanning your devices, it also checks your online network, safeguards your webcam, and stops unauthorized downloads and actions – it even offers a VPN service for secure browsing.

There’s also the welcome addition of a built-in firewall, something that we wish all antivirus solutions on this list would include – it even lets you block internet access to specific apps yourself. However, the increased network security features are only available for paying customers.

Avast Best Free Antivirus for Chromebook

Latest malware Detection Rates Price for Businesses Users per Subscription  Compatibility Top Business Features Money-back Guarantee
99.5% $187/year ($15.58/month) 1-Unlimited Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 1. Firewall
2. WiFi Inspector
3. The Sandbox
30 Days

It’s a worthy investment as this can warn you of any ARP spoofing attacks and hide sensitive information. Plus, you even get the welcome bonus of an excellent VPN to work alongside your firewall, which is available in the Avast One Bundle.

Free users get up to 5GB a week with the VPN, which is pretty generous, but it’s unlimited for paying consumers, and beyond this, we’re also delighted to see a host of business-specific plans and features. For example, there’s a 24/7 business support line that gives you the highest priority customer care.

This is essential for any business, and beyond all of this is a pretty nifty bonus feature called The Sandbox, which allows you to test any new programs, software, or files in a separate area on your PC. It’s clear that Avast boasts a lot, but it gets even better.

To round off the business-related offerings, you’ll find a WiFi inspector that scans all networks you connect to, a Data Shredder that deletes any confidential files that cover financial or customer data, and a Phishing Net that protects your business from a host of new or old phishing websites.


There’s a variety of different plans for businesses of all sizes, starting with the Small Office Plan, which covers 10 devices and offers more than enough features to keep you safe. You can even access a plethora of business-tailored plans, which lets you select the exact number of users you need.

Avast Pricing


  • Performs exceptionally well in independent lab tests, so you know it’s safe
  • Offers brilliant customer support for users on any of the business plans
  • Useful Sandbox feature for testing files, software, and more for malware or viruses


  • The business plans can get quite expensive for large teams

8. Intego – The Best Antivirus for Businesses Run on MacOS

Intego Logo

Intego is the antivirus solution that Mac users have been crying out for – as most solutions usually work best on Windows.

It offers great real-time protection that can detect even the more recent online threats, as well as a performance optimization setting to ensure your device is running as smoothly as possible.

However, despite being made with Mac users in mind, it does have a pretty strong app for Windows, but there are fewer features available – more on that later. So if you’re looking for the best antivirus for Mac, you’re in the right place.


Latest malware Detection Rates Price for Businesses Users per Subscription  Compatibility Top Business Features Money-back Guarantee
100% $62.99/year  ($5.24/month) 1-5 Windows and Mac 1. NetBarrier
2. Washing Machine
3. Quarantine
30 Days

Back to Mac, though — there are some pretty interesting features on offer, including NetBarrier, which is an advanced firewall that can detect if you’re connected to your work, home, or public WiFi and change your security settings accordingly.

There’s also a system cleaning feature aptly named Washing Machine that allows you to optimize your device by deleting useless cache or junk files with a click of a few buttons, freeing up important memory space. This can be useful for businesses that may be overrun with duplicate files in the system.

Unfortunately, all the features above are only available on the Mac version of Intego — but that’s not the end of the world, as you’ll still get access to the firewall and real-time protection of the Windows app.

But as it’s a much newer piece of software, in the not-so-distant future, we’d expect to see some of these premium features roll over to the Windows client. If you’re after one of the top antivirus solutions for Windows, Intego may not be there yet, but we’ve included many of the market’s top options in our list.


The pricing is a little awkward with Intego, as it only lets you cover 1, 3, or 5 Macs with any of the subscriptions – so if you’re a large business that runs on Apple, this will get very expensive. You can also try reaching out to Intego to request a quote.

We do like that you can select a yearly or two-year plan, and this will save you some money in the long run. Plus, they do offer a 7-day free trial for all plans, so you can test the service out before committing.


  • A feature-rich antivirus solution for Mac users, who are often overlooked
  • Incredibly user-friendly, ideal for first-time antivirus users
  • Strong virus detection rates based on reputable independent reviews


  • Plans aren’t ideal for large businesses and can get quite expensive
  • No mobile apps, not even for iOS

9. Avira – Great All-in-one Solution with a VPN and Password Manager

Avira Logo

Avira is another one of the most well-known tools. Famed for doing the basics right, like ensuring excellent security, as evident in ample independent reviews, and offering excellent features like Quarantine, which stores infected files in a safe location for you.

Other excellent features include a spin on a firewall, as Avira doesn’t actually come preloaded with its own. Instead, you can manage your Windows firewall (sorry, Mac users) through its simple and intuitive interface.

Alongside this, another basic but fundamental feature is real-time protection which can run a variety of scans to spot any malware.

Avira Antivirus Singapore

Latest malware Detection Rates Price for Businesses Users per Subscription  Compatibility Top Business Features Money-back Guarantee
99.1% $249.99/year ($20.83/month) 25 Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 1. Quarantine
2. Auto Update
3. File Shredding
30 Days

Coming back to the Quarantine function as this is a key feature on offer. It works by recognizing a suspicious file, then encrypting it and sending it to ‘quarantine.’ This prevents the infected file from spreading or causing your computer any damage — just simply locate the folder and manually delete it.

Avira can also automatically update any of your apps, which is essential for business users, as new updates bring security patches and prevent old software from being compromised — it should be noted that this isn’t available on the free plan.

However, the free plan offers a decent free VPN, even though it’s capped at 500MB/month. For unlimited data, you can upgrade to a paid plan and give yourself further protection. There’s also a password manager that’s completely free — perfect for keeping important business credentials and financial information safe.


As we’ve gone over above, Avira has one of the best free plans out there that includes a limited VPN, an excellent password manager, and some basic antivirus features like malware detection – but it’s not really suitable for business use.

Instead, you can opt for one of Avira’s excellent business plans, which can cover either 5 or 25 devices with one subscription. You can pay for this monthly, annually, or, for the best savings, opt for the two-year plan – all come with a whopping 60-day money-back guarantee for extra peace of mind.

Avira Antivirus Pricing


  • Includes an excellent VPN and Password Manager, useful for business consumers
  • Useful business-specific plans that can save you a lot of money
  • Scores highly in independent security reviews


  • No firewall settings for Mac users

10. Panda Dome – Includes Excellent USB Protection Features

Panda Dome Logo

Panda Dome may well take the prize for the most aesthetically pleasing antivirus solution out there – although that won’t win it any security prizes. That being said, it does still boast some excellent features.

For example, you’ll get a useful password manager on the premium plans, as well as USB Protection and a Data Shield. So, aside from the pleasant UI experience on offer, there are some serious safety credentials on display.

Most notably, it offers strong real-time protection that runs regular scans and automatically removes suspicious files. We also really like the introduction of USB protection, something you don’t see with all other antivirus providers, but for business users, it’s undoubtedly a vital tool.

Panda Dome Interface

Latest malware Detection Rates Price for Businesses Users per Subscription  Compatibility Top Business Features Money-back Guarantee
99.5% Contact Sales Unlimited Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 1. USB Protection
2. Data Shield
3. Anti-theft
30 Days

In a business setting, USB sticks are commonly transferred around the office for meetings and presentations, which means they can pose a serious threat if infected. Panda Dome will automatically scan the USB stick to ensure no malware, viruses, or trojans are spread across your network.

They also have a good answer to any potential ransomware issues a business might face with the introduction of their Data Shield feature. It works by creating a barrier against malware and ransomware, and once you select a folder or program, it locks out all unauthorized access.

So if you’re hit by ransomware, you can simply move the files to another computer. Lastly, and a little bonus feature to finish, is the anti-theft solution, which relies on remote monitoring. Once enabled through the system, if a device goes missing, you can track its every move from the Panda Dome dashboard.

Sadly, unlike ESET, which connects to WiFi networks near your stolen device, it has to be online, and you can’t monitor the webcam, either.


The pricing for Panda Dome can be a little confusing, as their main business plans are provided by parent company WatchGuard, which offers plans that can cover up to 100 users.

Sadly, there are no prices listed on the website. Instead, you can try all the premium plans for 30 days and then speak to sales about a tailored plan.


  • All plans include a useful VPN
  • One of the most visually pleasing antivirus solutions
  • Offers a 30-day free trial to business clients through parent company WatchGuard


  • Lack of transparency over prices for business plans
  • Can get quite expensive if you have multiple employees

Head-to-Head Business Antivirus Comparison

To help you make an informed decision on the best antivirus for your business, we’ve compiled a helpful table so you can easily compare the key features, latest security scores, and much more at a glance:

Provider Lastest Malware Detection Rates Price for Businesses (per user) Users per Subscription  Compatibility Top Business Features Money-back Guarantee
TotalAV 100% $49/year ($4.08/month) 6 Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 1. WebShield
2. VPN
3. Smart Scan
30 Days
Nord Threat Protection Not Independently Tested $62.28/year ($5.19/month) 5 Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 1. Ad Blocker
2. Data Breach Scanner
3. VPN
30 Days
Norton Antivirus 100% $49.99/year ($4.16/month) 5 Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 1. AI Machine Learning
2. Smart Firewall
3. SafeCam
60 Days
Surfshark Antivirus 100% $41.88/year ($3.49/month) 5 Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 1. Incogni
2. Surfshark Alert
3. VPN
30 Days
TrendMicro 97% $59.95/year ($4.99/month) 10 Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 1. Pay Guard
2. Spam Filter
3. Ransomware Detecter
30 Days
ESET 99.8% $270.80/year ($22.56/month) 5 Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux 1. Anti-theft
2. Webcam Monitoring
3. Phantom Account
30 Days
Avast 99.5% $187/year (5 Devices) ($15.58/month) 1-Unlimited Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 1. Firewall
2. WiFi Inspector
3. The Sandbox
30 Days
Intego 100% $62.99/year  (5 Devices) ($5.24/month) 1-5 Windows and Mac 1. NetBarrier
2. Washing Machine
3. Quarantine
30 Days
Avira 99.1% $249.99/year ($20.83/month) 25 Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 1. Quarantine
2. Auto Update
3. File Shredding
30 Days
Panda Dome 99.5% Contact Sales Unlimited Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 1. USB Protection
2. Data Shield
3. Anti-theft
30 Days

Consider These Key Factors When Choosing the Best Corporate Antivirus

We get that there’s a lot of information to process when deciding which antivirus solution to trust with your business, so to help you out, we’ve listed some of the key components you must consider when picking your tool:

  • Ease of use: Having an antivirus that’s easy to use is a must, especially if you’re a smaller business that doesn’t have an IT department. Instead, you might rely on the expertise of your staff, with some likely to be more adept at the software than others. Therefore, it’s crucial that the tool you use is user-friendly.
  • Scaling: A good antivirus offers a range of business-tailored plans offering great value for money, but you’ll need to consider your future needs. You may start with a smaller plan with fewer features and users, but as your enterprise scales, you’ll need it to scale with you in terms of users and security.
  • Price: The cost of the antivirus is a big factor, as some can cost a fortune. We’d never recommend opting for the cheapest just to save a few bucks, nor would we suggest going for the most expensive package. Instead, find a provider, like any on this list, that offers a good range of features for a fair price.
  • Features: Most of the providers on this list offer similar features, like real-time scans and malware detectors. However, some have unique offerings, like firewalls, dark web scanners, and ransomware prevention. These help them stand out in a crowded market and offer you better security and protection.
  • Security: All these tools are aimed at helping improve your business’s security, and some do a better job than others. That’s why we included their latest security scores in our reviews, so you can get an idea of the level of protection.

Is the Best Free Antivirus Enough for Businesses?

In short, no. Even the best free antivirus solutions are unlikely to be enough to keep a business safe, regardless of the size — but they can work well for individual use. With free options, you’ll only be able to use them on one device, which already rules them out for small, medium, or large businesses.

They also commonly lack key features, like dark web scanners, secure payment features, and ransomware software — all features that are essential for businesses to avoid any threats.

Instead, we’d recommend opting for a paid solution, as this way, you can have as many users as you need; plus, you’ll get access to all the features needed to keep your business safe from viruses, malware, and ransomware attacks.

Conclusion | What is the Best Antivirus for Business Use?

The best antivirus solutions for businesses will keep your enterprise safe from a host of online threats, like malware, viruses, trojans, and even ransomware, which can cost businesses a fortune.

All the excellent providers we’ve reviewed on this list contain features aimed at fighting off these threats, like real-time scanning, phishing prevention, and tools for safer online payments.

So if you’re looking for the best solution for your business needs, we’d recommend trying TotalAV — one of the largest names in the antivirus sector, famed for its excellent independently reviewed security scores and real-time protection, amongst ample more.


Do businesses need antivirus?

Which antivirus is best for business?

How much does an antivirus cost for a small business?

Is Windows Defender enough, or do I need an antivirus?

What is the most powerful computer antivirus?

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