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New Thermaltake enclosure looks like lunch tray
— 6:00 AM on March 6, 2009

We recently reviewed a Lian Li enclosure with sideways optical drive bays, but this latest specimen is clearly much further up on the weirdness...

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Lian Li introduces a Mini-ITX case
— 11:14 AM on February 12, 2009

If you're building a Mini-ITX system, chances are cost-cutting sits pretty high on your list of priorities. However, Lian Li has announced a new...

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Lian Li fashions a new mid-tower enclosure
— 3:37 PM on February 4, 2009

Although Lian Li gets a lot of press for its more exotic cases—from the "twisted" TYR PC-X500 to the Linksys-like PC-888—the company also...

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Antec shrinks Skeleton for Mini-ITX
— 9:07 PM on January 11, 2009

CES — Antec shrunk its open-air Skeleton enclosure just in time for CES, unveiling a new model designed for Mini-ITX motherboards. The Mini Skeleton-65...

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Curved Lian-Li case supports hard drive hot-swaps
— 11:04 AM on January 7, 2009

Tired of the same old rectangular PC cases? Then you may want to give Lian-Li's PC-888 a look. The new aluminum enclosure looks like...

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Antec Sonata Elite has fewer drive bays, no PSU
— 1:53 PM on December 15, 2008

For years now, Antec's Sonata enclosures have had relatively compact form factors, bundled power supplies, and hosts of noise-reduction features. Antec is mixing up that...

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Antec's Skeleton comes out of the closet
— 3:01 PM on October 13, 2008

If you were reading TR last summer, you might have noticed early reports...

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Antec touts pricey home-theater PC case
— 6:00 AM on September 17, 2008

Most of us like our home-theater PCs small, quiet, and power-efficient. That said, some folks believe consoles are for unwashed peasants, and they'd rather have...

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Deal of the week: Cases, Phenoms, and laptops
— 4:49 PM on September 5, 2008

We featured an Antec power supply in our previous deal post. Now, how about a matching case? Newegg is selling Antec's P180 tower enclosure for...

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Lian Li : void your Xbox warranty to avoid heat issues
— 9:59 AM on August 14, 2008

In a bizarre sales pitch, the folks at Lian Li have introduced what looks like a very nice PC chassis.... for the Xbox...

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NZXT touts 'ultra-premium' gaming case
— 1:42 PM on June 10, 2008

What does a $399 "ultra-premium" gaming enclosure looks like? Something a little like NZXT's new Khaos. NZXT does indeed charge almost 400 bucks for this...

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Antec bares components with Skeleton enclosure
— 12:21 PM on June 4, 2008

By definition, computer cases tend to enclose computer components. Antec has defied that concept with the new Skeleton case it's demonstrating at Computex this week....

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Antec touts new Twelve Hundred case
— 5:00 PM on April 28, 2008

The Antec Nine Hundred "gamer case" has just gotten a new sibling: the Twelve Hundred. Both enclosures share a similar design, featuring lots of...

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NZXT intros gaming case with six fans, E-ATX support
— 12:03 PM on March 26, 2008

PC gamers often stick with bigger brands like Antec and Cooler Master for their enclosure needs, but some folks may be enticed by a new...

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TR Forum Tidings: Form factor choices
— 6:00 AM on March 5, 2008

Picking a good case to house a spanking-new set of parts that still has that new computer smell is a daunting task. There are many...

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TR Forum Tidings: Your top cases
— 6:00 AM on October 24, 2007

We've whipped up a new tidings post following our weekly roaming around the TR forums, and this time we happened by a thread by gerbil...

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Antec ups efficiency of case/power supply bundles
— 1:45 PM on September 11, 2007

High-efficiency power supplies are all the rage these days, but it's not too common to see PSUs rated for 80% or higher efficiency selling as...

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Deal of the week: An affordable PSU
— 5:12 PM on August 24, 2007

Let's face it: after blowing 200-300 bones on a new processor and/or graphics card, not all of us have enough spare cash for a new...

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