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Blu-ray never coming to the Xbox 360?
— 5:05 PM on March 24, 2008

Back in January, Microsoft spoke out saying it might consider supporting Blu-ray if the market ended up choosing the format over HD DVD. After...

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Acer mulls 'open' console-like gaming system
— 5:11 PM on March 17, 2008

When you think of machines designed specifically for gaming, you probably think of consoles. Attempts to turn PC hardware into console-like devices have often failed...

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Microsoft: No Blu-ray talks are going on
— 4:26 PM on March 13, 2008

The rumor mill was abuzz last week with news that Microsoft was in covert talks with Sony over the introduction of a Blu-ray drive...

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Hit by the Red Ring of Death
— 3:24 PM on March 10, 2008

After more than a year and a half of hosting epic table tennis battles and endless laps around the Nurburgring, my Xbox 360 finally succumbed...

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Microsoft, Sony discuss Xbox 360 Blu-ray drive
— 11:23 AM on March 7, 2008

Two months ago, shortly after Warner announced its decision to back Blu-ray exclusively, Microsoft revealed that it wasn't ruling out the potential addition of...

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Microsoft drops Xbox 360 HD DVD drive, price dips to $50
— 2:01 PM on February 25, 2008

In an unsurprising turn of events, Microsoft has decided to discontinue its HD DVD drive add-on for the Xbox 360. The drive became available around...

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Gears of War 2 coming out in November
— 2:20 PM on February 20, 2008

Microsoft may be pushing to promote the PC as a gaming platform through the newly formed PC Gaming Alliance, but the software giant is...

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Toshiba to make chips for the PlayStation 3
— 1:27 PM on February 20, 2008

Sony and Toshiba found themselves on opposing sides of the high-definition format war, with the former pushing Blu-ray with its PlayStation 3 console and eventually...

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PlayStation 3 outsold Xbox 360 last month
— 6:15 AM on February 15, 2008

Last week, Electronic Arts made headlines by saying it estimated that Sony's PlayStation 3 would outsell Microsoft's Xbox 360 this year. The prediction wasn't...

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Friday night topic: Wii!
— 6:39 PM on February 8, 2008

The Nintendo Wii quickly transcended its status as a next-gen game console and has become a cultural phenomon—and for good reason. The Wii's appeal...

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IBM to move Cell processor to 45nm
— 4:11 PM on February 7, 2008

Sony's PlayStation 3 game console may play host to a smaller and leaner version of its trademark processor before long. As Ars Technica relates,...

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Microsoft drops Xbox 360 HD DVD drive price to $129.99
— 4:22 PM on February 6, 2008

Going along with the HD DVD camp's aggressive price cuts, which have already taken Toshiba HD-A3 player down to just $149.99, Microsoft has reduced...

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EA: PlayStation 3 will outsell Xbox 360 this year
— 11:32 AM on February 4, 2008

After a slow start, Sony's PlayStation 3 seems to be gaining steam. Sony sold about as many PS3s last quarter as it did since...

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Crysis headed to consoles?
— 5:02 PM on January 29, 2008

Crytek's latest first-person shooter, Crysis, is demanding enough to put even today's fastest PCs to shame if users dare to turn its graphics settings up....

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Only 14% of 2007 game revenue came from PC titles
— 6:00 AM on January 25, 2008

This year may have yielded some excellent PC games, but consoles still vastly overshadowed the PC crowd in terms of raw game sales. According to...

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Microsoft insider: Xbox 360 was rushed to market
— 4:49 PM on January 21, 2008

If you're a console gamer, there's a good chance you've heard of the infamous "red ring of death" plaguing Microsoft's Xbox 360. The "red ring"...

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Microsoft mulls Blu-ray support for the Xbox 360
— 11:15 AM on January 9, 2008

With Warner, Sony, Fox, Disney, and Lionsgate now all in the Blu-ray camp and only Universal and Paramount left on the HD DVD side,...

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Is Sega prepping a Dreamcast 2?
— 2:02 PM on December 7, 2007

Since the Dreamcast's early demise in 2001, Sega has given up on the hardware world, preferring instead to focus on making games for other platforms....

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